Sunday, October 26, 2008


Alternative/indie comics publisher Top Shelf are putting together an anthology of stories selected from AX's last ten years. AX is a manga anthology known in Japan for it's wildly experimental and alternative stories and art styles, the predecessor to Garo in ways.
Many modern greats such as Kazuichi Hanawa, Yoshihiro Tatsumi, Suehiro Maruo, amost other younger artists such as Nishioka Kyoudai (Journey To The End of the World),
Akino Kondo (artist of the anthology's cover), Usamura Furuya (Short Cuts), have contributed to this anthology over the years.
This promising looking collection is co-edited by Scotland-born Sean Michael Wilson, and AX co-founder Mitsuhiro Asakawa.
It is roughly 400 pages long, and due for release sometime next year.

A 16-page sampler will be available at Top Shelf's booth at the Alternative Press Expo in America, where Sean will be holding a talk on Gekiga itself.

LINKS; - Seirinkogeisha's AX Page -
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Friday, October 24, 2008


Well, I decided to start my own blog, dedicated to Seinen, Avant-Garde, Obscure, Underground, Gekiga, and Classic manga!
I'll have news of new stuff, perhaps scan a few things and post some short stories, and other crap you expect from a blog I guess! Oh, of course, I'll be reviewing manga occasionally and posting up links to other interesting interviews, reviews etc.
Stay tuned, eh?