Friday, November 21, 2008


Wow... I haven't updated in quite the while, heheh!
I'm a bit bogged down with certain things in life, but I'll try to post as often as I can 'round here.
Anyways; manga!

Pink Tentacle posts the entirety of a short surreal story from Garo, by Maki Sasaki titled A Dream To Have In Heaven. Its well-worth a look, for the artwork at least (considering there's no real plot to begin with). Maki has some killer inking going on, and he's clearly influenced by European comics (4th panel on pg. 155 is a good example), judging by the sense of spacing in some of the many beautiful panels. Reminds me of Nishioka Kyodai (of The Journey To the End of the World fame) in a way...
There are only a few words in the story, and they're mostly FX sounds, so don't feel as if you're missing out. (the guy in on pg. 144 with the pick-axe is saying "Ro ro ro ro", the phantom says "ke!" when he floats over the barbed wire...)
Read it here!
(thanks to Connie of Manga Blog for mentioning this again, I'd have never found it otherwise!)


Over at Same Hat, Ryan Sands (with the help of Tokyo correspondant Nate) are having a very Shintaro Kago-filled month, including; a special report on a Halloween event with Kago (including a photo of Kago himself, looking So Damn Awesome), a poster of his recently created for Design Festa 28, and pimps a new short story released by Wanted : Cheap Manga! with the help of Anonymous K!


Not really news, but I've decided to off-put any talk on this Bat-Manga & Chip Kidd hullabaloo. I haven't bothered delving too deep into the affair myself, but it appears things have cleared up, so...

* Triple Black Jack bill! Deb Aoki reviews Black Jack volume 2, David Welsh offers five lucky winners some BJ manga sets, and Vertical hosts another free chapter on their website, this time a gritty tale of love and booze from volume 3!
* The New York Magazine posts an excerpt from Yuichi Yokoyama's gorgeous-looking train-journey based manga; Travel
* Ed Chavez has a spot-on review of Seiichi Hayashi's Red Colored Elegy over at the Mangacast
* The Mainichi Daily News has a moving interview with Keiji Nakazawa, author of Barefoot Gen and survivor of the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima
* Sean Michael Wilson (co-editor of the upcoming anthology AX) is scripting the comic (and film) Buskers, with art by the spectacular Michiru Morikawa (whose short story "Advent" from Ilya's New Manga Anthology was absolutely terrific!). Read more here...

Coming up soon : my first manga review; Hideshi Hino's Lullabies From Hell, some exclusive pages from Japanese Katsuhiro Otomo anthologies, overlooked scanlation gems, and more of the usual (or un-usual) cuppa...