Saturday, November 1, 2008


Well, happy one-day late Halloween to anyone who bothered celebrating it! Here's a round-up of the latest news;

Heidi McDonald over at The Beat has a special Halloween gift for Tezuka fans; a complete chapter available to read from volume 1, titled "Teratoid Cystoma"!
Its a great example of how Tezuka applied his medical training to his storytelling, and also introduces BJ's well-known aide, Pinoko!


In other news, Sean Michael Wilson (co-editor of Top Shelf's new AX anthology) has released an official list of some of the artists we can expect to feature in the anthology;
Akino Kondoh
Minami Shinbo
Shinichi Abe
Namie Fujieda
Mitsuhiko Yoshida
Yuichi Kiriyama
Osamu Kanno
Shigehiro Okada
Yunosuke Saito
Yeong Choi
Kazuichi Hanawa
Yoshihiro Tatsumi

Above is a teaser page from the anthology, beautifully drawn by Shinichi Abe.


  • Over at Same Hat; a short taste of Electric Ant Zine's exclusive interview with author of legendary Manga! Manga!, Frederik Schodt
  • The gorgeous covers for the first two volumes of Naoki Urasawa's madly popular 20st Century Boys are revealed over at Comics 212
  • Kodansha America release their first English-language book this week, Akiba Manga Guide To Akihabara
  • Connie begins to favour Umezu over Hino in her review of Cat-Eyed Boy
  • A Japanese otaku gets over a 1000 signatures in his petition for the allowance of marriage between humans and 2d, fictional anime characters. Let's hope that interest doesn't catch on outside of Japan...

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